About the Project

The Bold on Early Educator Compensation Learning Community brings together a group of 20+ advocates, government representatives, and legislators from seven states to:

  • Identify barriers to improving early educator compensation and strategies to overcome those barriers
  • Build understanding and capacity to implement policies that increase wages and improve access to benefits such as paid sick leave and health insurance 
  • Document and disseminate strategies beyond participants in the learning community, to stakeholders across the ECE field, especially those engaged in state policy formulation and implementation

Learning Community Structure

Monthly or Bi-Monthly Meetings

  • Monthly opportunities to learn from each other and other experts
  • Participants give input on structure and topics of meetings

CSCCE’s Role

  • Connection to expertise in the Center and our body of related research
  • Connecting our collective learnings with the broader ECE community by disseminating findings and related materials

Creating Peer Networks

  • Connecting experts within and across states who share commitment to addressing compensation within ECE

About the Participants

Gray US map with California, Wahington, New Mexico, Illinois, Wisconsin, Vermont, Massachussetts and North Carolina highlighted in blue.

We invited three to four participants from seven states who have demonstrated a bold commitment to ECE compensation. Participants range in role, and typically include from each state:

  1. A staff member of an advocacy organization that represents early educators 
  2. A member of a related state agency
  3. A state legislator who has demonstrated commitment to early care and education

The cohort participating in this year’s learning community has been set. Throughout 2022, we will be sharing our findings and resources with the broader ECE community.  

Topics for Each Learning Community

Over the course of the year we will meet for 15 one-hour sessions on topics ranging from wage increase mechanisms and access to benefits, to building political power with early educators. Stay tuned as we add related resources.

Schedule of Topics


Contact Annie Dade at adade@berkeley.edu.