The SEQUAL is a multi-purpose tool for examining and improving environments in which early childhood teaching staff work and learn. The SEQUAL assesses how well the workplace supports teaching staff to learn and to continue to develop their knowledge and skills on the job. It is administered directly to teachers and assistant teachers in centers or school-based programs.

SEQUAL assesses five overarching domains of the workplace that support professional growth and high quality care and instruction.  These include: 1) Teaching Supports; 2) Learning Community; 3) Job Crafting; 4) Adult Well-being; and 5) Program Leadership.  Each domain examines the policies, practices, and relationships necessary for a high quality adult learning environment. Teaching staff focus groups and multi-disciplinary theory and research related to adult learning, teacher education, early childhood quality, and organizational psychology informed the development of the SEQUAL.

The Teaching Supports domain focuses on curriculum and child assessment frameworks, classroom materials, support services for children and families, and staffing patterns.

The Learning Community domain examines teaching staff participation in opportunities for individual and collaborative professional development, sharing information and practicing new approaches, and planning and implementing quality improvements.

The Job Crafting domain measures program policies and practices that support teaching staff initiative and teamwork, and promote their input into their work.

The Adult Well-being domain examines teaching staff assessments and program practices and policies related to their economic and physical well-being and work relationships.

The Program Leadership domain examines how supervisors and program leaders interact with staff to support their teaching practice, professional growth, and well-being.

As a research/policy tool

The SEQUAL can assist researchers in understanding the interplay between teacher education, the work environment and efforts to improve program quality and facilitate children’s learning. It can be used by policymakers to inform decision making and guide resource allocations.

As a technical assistance tool

The SEQUAL can be used by directors, mentors, and coaches to assess how the adult work environment supports or impedes effective teaching practices, and to guide improvements to program policies, practices, and relationships.

As an educational tool

The SEQUAL can be used to introduce center leaders, college instructors, and trainers to theories, concepts, and best practices related to promoting teacher growth and development. The SEQUAL can also be used to raise awareness among current and prospective teaching staff about work environments that support their ability to apply what they know and continue to improve their practice.

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