Enduring Inequities

ECHOES spotlights elements of the early care and education system that fuel exclusion, exploitation, and injustice in the past and today.

Part of Early Childhood History, Organizing, Ethos, and Strategy Project

How do inequities echo through time in the ECE system?

Explore photos, quotes, and more from the archives to see how recurring themes across time link with present-day barriers to a more just ECE system.

Poor Pay and Conditions

ECHOES shows how inadequate wages and poor working conditions, a cornerstone of the ECE system, fuel staff turnover and shortages and undermine educator well-being over time.

Insufficient and Unstable Funding

ECHOES traces the burden of insufficient funding and the struggle to finance early care and education as a public good.

Racial Disparities

ECHOES sheds light on how racism has shaped the construction of the ECE system and the experiences of children and families of color as well as teachers and caregivers.

Education Prioritized Over Care

ECHOES explores how federal and state policies and funding have favored services identified as early education over those considered primarily child care.