Early Childhood Workforce Index 2020



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McLean, C., Austin, L.J.E., Whitebook, M., & Olson, K.L. (2021). Early Childhood Workforce Index – 2020. Berkeley, CA: Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, University of California, Berkeley. Retrieved from https://cscce.berkeley.edu/workforce-index-2020/.


  • Caitlin McLean, Ph.D.
  • Lea J. E. Austin, Ed.D.
  • Marcy Whitebook, Ph.D.
  • Krista L. Olson


This edition of the Early Childhood Workforce Index is generously supported by the Heising-Simons Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Alliance for Early Success, the W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation, and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Index web site was built by and designed in collaboration with Benjamin Kuehn.

The Index could not have been accomplished without the contribution of CSCCE staff and students:

  • Abby Copeman Petig
  • Ana Fox-Hodess
  • Andrea Hernández
  • Ashley Williams
  • Claudia Alvarenga
  • Cynthia Dunn
  • Elena Montoya
  • Jenna Knight
  • Jennifer Recinos
  • Julian Hayes
  • Marisa Schlieber
  • Mick Acevedo
  • Penelope Whitney
  • Sean Doocy
  • Shira Idris
  • Tobi Adejumo
  • Tomeko Wyrick
  • Yoonjeon Kim

We especially appreciate the advice and perspective provided by a panel of early childhood educators:

  • Carmelita Lynch
  • Celia Gomez
  • Julie Pratt
  • Ashley Sanders
  • Kyra Swenson
  • Ronda Wicks

We additionally wish to extend our gratitude to the following individuals who provided relevant information and/or reviewed drafts of the Index:

  • Allegra Baider, Community Change
  • Ashley Allen, Education, Quality Improvement and Professional Development (EQuIPD) for early care and education programs in Guilford County, NC
  • Brandy Jones Lawrence, Bank Street College, Education Center
  • Carlise King, Early Childhood Data Collaborative
  • Cemeré James, National Black Child Development Institute
  • Cristina Pacione-Zayas, Erikson Institute
  • Elise Gould, Economic Policy Institute
  • Eloise Sanchez, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning
  • Hanna Melnick, Learning Policy Institute
  • Jen Horwitz, Let’s Grow Kids
  • Katherine Gallagher Robbins, Center for Law and Social Policy
  • Kimberlee Belcher-Badal, National Workforce Registry Alliance
  • Leanne Barrett, Rhode Island Kids Count
  • Mai Miksic, Public Citizens for Children and Youth 
  • Matthew Henderson, OLÉ Education Fund
  • Melly Wilson, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning
  • Peggy Haack, Early Childhood Workforce Consultant
  • Rebecca Gomez, Heising-Simons Foundation
  • Stephanie Schmit, Center for Law and Social Policy 
  • Sylvia Allegretto, UC Berkeley Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics
  • Sue Russell, Early Childhood Workforce Advocate

We extend special thanks to the 100+ state representatives who gave their time and effort to review and provide commentary on workforce policy information for their state.

The views presented in this report are those of the authors and may not reflect the views of the report’s funders or those acknowledged for lending their expertise or providing input. 

© 2020 Center for the Study of Child Care Employment. All rights reserved. 

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