State of the Early Childhood Workforce

The State of the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative (SECW), launched in 2016, is a multi-year project to shine a steady spotlight on our nation’s early childhood workforce. Through the dissemination of data and analysis, the Initiative seeks to identify and advance new strategies as well as track promising efforts to secure livable and equitable wages, supportive work environments, and educational opportunities for all early educators. The Initiative aims to broaden the community of those actively committed to securing the greater public investment that will be necessary to ensure the well-being of the early childhood workforce, improve the quality of services, and address the urgent economic need of families that are overburdened by the high cost of early care and education.

Current SECW Initiative resources:


In the coming months, the SECW Initiative will also examine:

  • the stratification of the ECE workforce by race, ethnicity, and language;
  • cost estimates and financing mechanisms that ensure livable wages and reward educational attainment for the ECE workforce;
  • the implications of new minimum wage laws for ECE policy;
  • a user’s guide to ECE workforce data sources; and
  • current organizing and advocacy efforts.

State of the Early Childhood Workforce Publications