Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is CSCCE's Director of California Policy and Educator Engagement Programs. In her role, she tracks, analyzes, and translates state ECE policy development with a particular focus on issues related to the early education workforce, connects with national policy and develops educator engagement strategies. She is the former Associate Director of EDvance, an ECE teacher preparation program at San Francisco State University (SF State). Over the past 17 years, Ashley has worked in several roles in ECE including serving as a Jumpstart Corps Member where she started her ECE journey. She continued on to become a preschool teacher, Head Start center director, and early childhood teacher educator at the undergraduate and master’s level at SF State. She has experience with ECE policy and systems work, serving as the Senior Quality and Workforce Analyst for the San Francisco Office of Early Care and Education. Her professional work also extends internationally as she co-led a study abroad service-learning program in ECE settings in South Africa and New Zealand. Overall, Ashley’s daily work and research are rooted in contributing to ECE systems in ways that explicitly reveal, dissolve, and resolve systemic inequities that cause harm to children, families, and the educators that work with them- especially when they are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. She earned her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at SF State where she also earned her BA in Child and Adolescent Development and an M.A.Ed. with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education.

Publications by Ashley Williams