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CSCCE provides research, policy analysis, training, and technical assistance.



Supportive Environmental Quality Underlying Adult Learning (SEQUAL) is a multi-purpose tool for examining and improving environments in which early childhood teaching staff work and learn. The SEQUAL survey assesses how well the workplace supports teaching staff to continue to develop their knowledge and skills on the job. CSCCE administers the survey directly to teachers and assistant teachers in centers or school-based programs and generates a profile based on these responses. CSCCE helps clients use SEQUAL to inform quality improvement efforts, program design, and public policies and offers customized technical assistance for coaches and administrators. Learn more about the uses of SEQUAL and available services.

Early Childhood Higher Education Inventory

The Early Childhood Higher Education Inventory is a research tool that CSCCE applies to early childhood higher education programs and faculty. Collected data are used to produce comprehensive reports that: describe the landscape of a state’s early childhood degree program offerings at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels; capture variations in program goals, content, child age-group focus, and student field-based learning; and identify faculty characteristics and professional development needs. This information allows policymakers, institutions of higher education, and other stakeholders to identify the gaps and opportunities in the available offerings, make informed policy decisions, and assess the capacity of the higher education system over time. Learn more about the Inventory and view state reports.

Leadership Development

To be effective, early care and education leaders need to be subject-matter specialists about the system itself – in addition to the expertise they possess in specific areas such as child development, teaching strategies and curriculum, and dual language acquisition – because policy and political realities are shaping their capacity to perform their jobs, whether they teach in a classroom, direct a center, educate teachers, provide resource and referrals to parents, or lead advocacy efforts. Yet, to date, there are far too few opportunities for in-depth learning about such topics. Addressing this “leadership learning gap” requires intentional and ongoing learning focused on building knowledge and skills related to the policy, politics, and power dynamics that undergird and influence the early care and education system. CSCCE provides technical assistance to clients developing leadership training and/or degree programs and works with clients to customize a Leadership in Early Childhood professional development program to meet the needs of their community.

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