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Selected Articles:

Poverty Wages For U.S. Child Care Workers May Be Behind High Turnover
NPR | November 7, 2016

Why are Early Childhood Educators Struggling to Make Ends Meet? (Video)
PBS NewsHour | August 16, 2016

What It Will Take to Create Quality Preschool for All
PBS NewsHour | August 16, 2016

How Rising Child Care Costs Affect the Workers Taking Care of Your Kids
Marketplace | August 11, 2016

Child Care Costs; Child Care Worker Pay (Radio)
Illinois Public Media The 21st Show | August 10, 2016

The Never-Ending Struggle to Improve Head Start
The Atlantic | August 9, 2016

Child Care Expansion Takes a Toll on Poorly Paid Workers
The New York Times | July 12, 2016

Why Does America Invest So Little in Its Children?
The Atlantic | July 12, 2016

Where Child-Care Workers and Early Educators Earn the Most and Least
The Wall Street Journal | July 11, 2016

Half of America’s Childcare Workers Need Food Stamps, Welfare Payments or Medicaid
The Washington Post | July 11, 2016

Despite Advances in Early Ed Research, Teacher Pay Lags Far Behind
89.3 KPCC | July 11, 2016

Current state policies are shortchanging early childhood educators, report says
The Daily Californian | July 11, 2016

Report: Connecticut Falls Behind In Paying Early Childhood Educators
Connecticut News Junkie | July 11, 2016

Poor Pre-K Pay Highlighted in Report
Times Argus | July 9, 2016

These Lowest Paid workers Have a Most Important Job
CBS News | July 8, 2016

Report: Low Pay And Economic Uncertainty Hurt Early Childhood Education
KGOU Oklahoma | July 8, 2016

Should Pre-K Teachers Be Earning Poverty Wages?
Take Part | July 8, 2016

Nearly Half the Families of Michigan’s Child Care Workers Rely on Public Assistance, Report Says
Michigan Live | July 8, 2016

Low Pay, Outdated Ideas about Field Hurt Early Childhood Educators: Report
Chicago Tribune | July 7, 2016

Early educators are among the lowest paid in the U.S.
Marketplace | July 7, 2016

Report: Georgia’s Early Education Teachers Need A Raise
WABE Atlanta | July 7, 2016

Early Education is a Disaster in U.S., Study Finds
U.S. News | July 7, 2016

Oklahoma Pre-K Often Praised, But Early Educators No Better off
Public Radio Tulsa | July 7, 2016